Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paint the Town!

Cook House Paint Restoration and You -

Of the many things that make living, working and/or playing in Libertyville so wonderful - it is the residents who are involved in our community, that are truly the most remarkable and inspiring characteristic.

We see examples of kindness and philanthropy throughout the Village..... one of the latest examples comes in the form of Libertyville Residents Roch Tranel and Mike Foley. Within the past few months, the two have started an undertaking of raising money to repaint and make structural repairs to the centerpiece of Downtown Libertyville - the Cook Mansion. According to newspaper reports - the total undertaking is roughly a $50,000 project.... with a donation of paint by Benjamin Moore, along with other donations - the project needs to raise about $22,000 to cover the remaining costs.

The Cook Mansion has been such an important landmark in Downtown Libertyville for over 125 years - this undertaking is vital for the home's future.

I ask that you join me in contributing to such a worthwile cause. I have sent in a check for $100 - if you can, please match my donation. If possible, contribute more - with an effort such as this, every dollar makes a difference.

The Paint the Town website: http://paintthetownfoundation.com