Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WGN Radio Live Broadcast

The radio home of the Chicago Blackhawks will be broadcasting live from the Libertyville Civic Center this Friday morning. 'GN morning guy Greg Jarrett will be broadcasting his show live 5a-9a. Of course - the radio geek that I am will make sure to catch at least part of the show - you should too!

WGN choosing to broadcast from Libertyville is another example of how we've become a premiere destination in the suburbs. Plus - the fact most of the broadcast appears to be centered around our restaurants really speaks volumes for what a great reputation Libertyville has for a dinning destination.

Here's the information from the WGN-AM website: (It looks like there will be a lot of food! If I would have picked the line-up, I would have left out the Liberty and included the Townee Square or Wildberry)

Libertyville Civic Center
135 W. Church Street
Friday, May 14
with Greg Jarrett

Stop by for a free Mac & Cheese breakfast featuring Libertyville's own Foulds Macaroni. Sample 12 different varieties from local restaurants and vote on your favorite. The winning restaurant will be announced at the end of the broadcast. Space is limited to the first 80 attendees and samples will be served starting at 6am.

Participating restaurants are:
Mainstreet Smokehouse
Trattoria Pamigliano
Casa Bonita
Mickey Finn’s
The Tavern
Egg Harbor
• Battios
Liberty Restaurant
Max’s Dog House

Now, we just need to get the WBBM-AM Noon Business Hour to broadcast from our town!

Libertyville Murder Mystery!

Sometime tomorrow (Wednesday) night into Thursday morning will mark the 125th anniversary of the suspected murder of Ansel B. Cook's gardener. The murder itself is believed to have happened right inside of the historic Cook Mansion along Milwaukee Avenue!

August Rosine was a German immigrant who worked as a gardener at the Cook estate in Libertyville - which was also a place he called home. According to newspaper reports - he had dinner down the street from the Cook Mansion the evening of May 12th, 1885. He was seen walking home with two "friends" later in the evening, around 9pm - that was the last he was seen alive. His body was recovered from Butler Lake the next day - he had been strangled. Ansel Cook reportedly believed that Rosine was murdered by two other German immigrants, but would not give up their identity because he didn't want to wrongfully accuse anyone. The investigators believed the motive for the murder was robbery - however, Rosine had about $1,000 in cash on his body when he was found. Nobody was ever charged with the murder and the case, to this day, remains unsolved.

I first heard this story when I was about 8 years old - it was that moment that sparked my interest in local history. The urban legend says you can still see Rosine's ghost roaming the halls of the Cook Mansion!

FYI - Tours of the Cook Mansion will resume once the Cook Memorial Library reconstruction project wraps up late this year.