Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Friday in Libertyville!

Everyday that I head into downtown Chicago for my job, I think about how much I miss working in Libertyville. For many reasons, I always thought it was great to live and work in Libertyville - I remember when a trek to Vernon Hills seemed a little far! haha. Now, I'm back working in the Loop five days a week. Some days I don't seem to mind it - after all, Chicago can be a fun place! However, every Friday during the summer - I miss being around Libertyville during the day. For those of you who are able to take advantage of being close to downtown Libertyville around lunchtime - I encourage you to stop by Out To Lunch in Cook Park! Not only is there a great variety of food, but the social aspect it always fun. Out To Lunch runs all summer, every Friday from 11am to 2pm.