Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brainerd Building Looked at For "Most Endangered" List

(This is from the 1939 Nautilus yearbook - Marlon Brando's freshman year)

The president of the Libertyville's Brainerd Community Center (John Snow) spent yesterday leading a tour of the former high school building for the Landmark Illinois preservation organization. Landmark Illinois is in the process of reviewing possible sites for the next "Most Endangered Historic Places" list. According to an article in today's Daily Herald - the Landmark Illinois group has narrowed it's list of potential "Most Endangered" buildings to 30 - the final list features 10.

If the Brainerd building can be named to the list - this could help fundraising efforts. Right now, the Libertyville Village Board is in the process of reviewing a request by the Brainerd Center board to give their support to the restoration process. The support the Brainerd board is looking for isn't necessarily monetary, but more of a chance for the village board members to say this project is a priority in the community, and encourage others to get involved with the project.

I have been a member of the Brainerd Community Center Board since last fall - I was also a third generation high school student at the building. This is a project I feel very strongly about. Not only does the building need to be saved from a historical perspective - but, Libertyville is also in dire need of a community center for youth programs. Could you imagine how cool it would be for your children to learn acting on the same stage Marlon Brando acted on while he was a student at Libertyville High School? How about having a drop in day care center? After school programs? Art and music programs? All of this can be a reality with the completion of this project.

The best way you can help is to get involved is to visit the website. Whether it's a check for $100 or donating some of your time recruiting your neighbors to get involved or taking part in a service day trimming bushes, there is plenty available for you to do. Please get involved. E-Mail me with any questions.