Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tax Increase - Media Coverage UPDATE


Well, wouldn't you know, I goofed. A reader to this blog has pointed out that I completely missed the Daily Herald write-up on Tuesday night's Village Board vote on the tax increase. (I'll blame this one on Google, regardless- I'm sure the folks at the Herald are sure I'm either blind or dumb... lol)

Today's Daily Herald write up

I'm not sure how I missed today's story, even after specifically looking for it - So my use of the term "lagging media coverage" may have been a bit unjustified. However, I still think the village should have televised board meetings.

It should also be pointed out, as I pointed out a few days ago, the Daily Herald's Mick Zawislak had a really good piece outlining the background to the current village financial predicament. This story offers a good background into a major part of the village's cash crunch and is a good read, especially for those looking for what has led to the need for a tax hike.

Original Post:

A day and a half after the last Libertyville Village Board meeting, a newspaper article has finally appeared online, covering the recent utility tax increase -

Today's News Sun article from Ed Collins

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