Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bring Trader Joe's to Libertyville!

I thought it was cool that I had 90-some people join my "We Need A Chick-fil-a in Libertyville, IL" facebook group. My group was even cited in a Daily Herald article about Chick-fil-a moving to the Chicago area!

Then I stumbled across a facebook group that was started at the beginning of this week aimed at bringing a Trader Joe's to Libertyville. The group already has nearly 800 members! (as of 3pm Wednesday) I think if you're on facebook, make sure you join the "Bring Trader Joe's to Libertyville IL" Apparently the demand for a high-end grocery store is much more than the demand for a fast-food chicken joint... lol.

This effort to being a Trader Joe's to Libertyville seems to be growing more and more popular - about a year ago, I knew of a few people who had written letters to the company - but now there seems to be a louder push for a store to open in our village. Hopefully they'll notice this facebook group and see our e-mails! (Make sure you send an e-mail too:

Oh, and don't forget to support the Chick-fil-a movement too! :)