Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Libertyville's Race for Lake County Board

As I'm sure you've read several times over in the local press, yesterday was the first day for local candidates who wish to participate in the March 2012 local elections, to file their nominating petitions with the Lake County Clerk's office.

One race in particular will be very exciting to watch - the Lake County Board seat for District 15 (which covers the entire Village of Libertyville, plus a few parts of Mundelein = click here for a map of the entire district)

I am very excited to be supporting Dan Donahue's bid for the Lake County Board!

Dan is someone who is well informed with the best practices of local government, he exudes integrity and honestly - plus - he is the common sense kind-of-guy you would want representing you at -any- level of government. The entire county will benefit from Dan's leadership and knowledge.

On his website, Dan spells out some pretty compelling reasons why he should be elected.

Please, visit his website: www.electdonahue.com for more information.