Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Most of us who grew up in Libertyville are very familiar with the legend of "the gate" on River Road - I just stumbled across a great story the Tribune ran this week - Happy Halloween!

Here's Ruth Fuller's write up in Wednesday's Trib -,0,4184245.story

FINALLY: Clean-up Ordered @ Old Frank's Nursery Site

Something will finally be done with the former site of Frank's Nursery on the South Side of Libertyville. For years now, a skeleton of what was supposed to be a high-end grocery store has stood without any progress. According to a story in today's Daily Herald - a judge has ordered the existing structure torn and the site cleaned up. Hopefully, this will open the door to a better financed project for the site!

Today's Daily Herald story from Mick Zawislak -