Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Foods Skeleton Finally Going......

What great news in today's Daily Herald!

The eye-sore that's been in place for years on the South End of Libertyville is finally going away! According to Mick Zawislak's article in today's paper - the paper work is finished and the wrecking ball is on the way to tear down the partialy started Fresh Foods building!

It's too bad this store didn't work out - from every one's expectations, it should have done well. Every time this location is brought up, I always hear about how nice it would be to see a Trader Joe's go into that spot. Unfortunately, Trader Joe's has no interest to locating to our town - for now.

If you'd like to see a Trader Joe's come to Libertyville - click here:

The form only will take a few seconds to fill out. Maybe, someday - we'll finally get a Trader Joe's!