Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Village Board Meeting - New Taxes on Tonight's Agenda

The Libertyville Village Board is set to vote tonight on proposed tax increases on gas and electric bills - the tax increase is to cover the shortfall that has been created by the Sports Complex mess. Over the weekend, Mick Zawislak had a good write-up in the Daily Herald. Basically, bad planning and unreasonable expectations about what the Libertyville Sports Complex would do for the village has put the current village government in a situation where they have run out of money. Other alternatives to the roughly 5% increase in gas and electric bills, include talk of furlough days and layoffs - I personally don't think the village has enough higher paid employees to make it worthwhile to make village employees take unpaid days off. The amount of money that the Sports Complex sucks out of the village budget each month will require substantial cuts and/or revenue generation. Hopefully, the Village will be able to sell the land and sports complex facility and get out of the sports complex business.

The Libertyville Village Board Meeting is tonight (Tuesday September 8th) @ 8pm at Libertyville Village Hall.